• MS is a chronic disease of the Central Nervous System.
  • MS means, literally, "many scars."
  • The cause of MS is unknown. It could be a virus, an auto-immune reaction, or a combination.
  • MS is not preventable or curable (YET!).
  • MS is NOT contagious.
  • MS is NOT congenital, but there are some hereditary factors.
  • MS usually strikes people when they are aged 20-40.
  • More women than men get MS. There are approximately 3 women to every man with MS.
  • The occurrence of MS is highest in temperate zones (such as New Zealand and northern Europe).
  • Even in high-risk areas, MS rarely strikes certain racial groups (e.g. Maori and Polynesians, native Americans, black South Africans).
  • The name Multiple Sclerosis was first applied to the disease in 1868 (by Charcot in France).
  • Most people with MS lead a fairly normal life, most of the time.
  • Symptoms of MS usually appear, and disappear unpredictably.
  • People with MS need to get adequate rest to reduce fatigue.


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