HOUSEBOUND: MS sufferer Alan Forsyth, and his wife Glenys, from Waimate need money to buy a van so he can be more mobile.


About the cause: Help us give Alan some freedom by providing him with a specialist van.

Please help Alan to achieve his one wish; a mobility vehicle. Read on for his story…
Alan was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) 20 years ago (1994) and over that time this disease, like rust, has slowly eroded his life and with it his dreams and aspirations. MS has slowly chipped away at Alan’s physical abilities; first his ability to walk and eventually his ability to stand. This took away his ability to transfer into and out of a conventional car and thus his ability to get out and about. To cut a long story short, Alan is now completely dependent on others for all his needs.
Apart from the physical aspect of this illness, the emotional cost has also high. Imagine what it would be like for you to have to give up the job you loved. For Alan this was driving tourist coaches. Imagine what it would be like for you to have to give up your hobby that was an important part of who you are. For Alan this was using his array of power tools to create crafts which he sold through retail outlets.
It has now been three years since Alan has been able to get out and about; thus three years since he has been able to experience every day occurrences that most of us take for granted such as attending family functions or visiting friends or just going for a drive for no particular reason other than because you can. In those three years any outings beyond a 2km radius of Alan’s home have been to medical appointments or emergency trips into hospital. Alan did not ask for this disease but because of it he has become trapped and isolated in his own home.
Through all this Alan’s spirit and sense of humour has remained relatively intact however, his one fear is that this may not last. In Alan’s own words;
At the moment I have to rely on my family and friends coming to see me and I don’t like that. It makes me feel powerless; it makes me feel like I am ill – the sick relative that has to be visited because he is housebound. Currently, I feel very alone, depressed, isolated from my family and friends. …. A vehicle would allow me to visit my family and friends; it would allow me to have a social life outside of my home; it would give me something to look forward to knowing that I could get out and about; it would empower me; it would give me a new lease on life.

Alan is such an inspiring guy so if you can see your way to give-a-little to help him achieve is dream then Alan would be forever grateful to you.

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